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May. 15th, 2010 | 12:43 pm

I know I completely neglect my LJ, but I would still like to use it to post pictures once in awhile as for big news update or travel exploits! I do update my Twitter (Http://twitter.com/ridd1e) a lot more. Onto the goods, I'm sure many of you have seen it but I got chance to do a photoshoot with Bryan Humphrey with my Huntress costumes. This is costume is about 4 years ago, so it was nice to finally get some great shots of it. I'll be uploading more photos on my website as I receive them!


Oct. 31st, 2009 | 01:46 pm

I have lots I could/should be writing down, but this post brought to you buy the first pumpkin I've ever done on my own! *fanfare* (2nd pumpkin I've done ever)

I'm telling people its like an ugly chick, cause in full light it looks like ass. In the right light (Ie Almost all the lights off) its kind of hot if SNES RPGS get your engine revving.

I bought two pumpkins, so I could warm up with this one and do a Link one. But I'm Pumpkin'ed out for the year, I remember one reason I didn't like to do pumpkins, I hate touching the guts. His tooth got messed up looks like he is screaming light.


Sep. 10th, 2009 | 11:54 pm

Jenny and I are Monarch and Dr Mrs!

Photos & StoriesCollapse )


Sep. 2nd, 2009 | 08:13 pm

See everyone there! :)


Aug. 24th, 2009 | 02:42 pm

While I didn't understand the appeal for the longest time I decided to break down and get a twitter account. I find the challenge of trying to put my thoughts into 140 characters or less, amusing. Plus I'm less likely to have the spelling mistakes I was getting on here.

I will still update Livejournal once in awhile, but I thought Twitter would be better for this random quick thoughts.


Heroes Con 2009

Jul. 3rd, 2009 | 10:32 am

While I love the Nerdi Gras of Dragoncon, Heroes con IS my favourite convention. Its friendly, its low key, its a great location and the convention center is full of so much awesomeness and dippin dots.

My Swag
- Mary Marvel Sketch from Cully
- Huntress Sketch from Stephanie Roux
- Wasp sketch from Dean Trippe
- Perhapanauts 1 & 2
- Empowered 5
- Hellcat Trade

- Got a sketch from Cully (Mary marvel!), Stephanies Roux (huntress) and Dean Trippe (wasp).
- Mary Marvel, Wasp and the Scarlet witch went over well. I was worried I wouldn't finish the armor.
- Learned how to play Texas hold'em (still not very good)
- Got to meet a lot of talented artist I never knew of before, my favorite being Eric Canete, Uko and Dean.
- Was able to lend a hand in costume at the auction!
- Chris did an amazing job on Scarlet witch’s mask, I totally loved it!
- Ate wild wings *yum*

- Westin isn't as nice as I remember. Our room was also too hot, the TV didn't work, and the shower didn't drain properly.
- Missed out on Casey Jones sketch list.
- Some people didn't know who I was when I dressed as Wasp or Mary marvels.. Pfft Fans! READ MORE!
- Lost $20 playing Texas hold'em
- DUB right next door (its a one of those loud car shows :P)
- Didn't get to have enough amaretto!

- My forehead; For some reason the wasp wig caused me to have an infection on my forehead. It looks like I got clothes lined. Its slowly healing now.

I didn't get very many photos from the convention because Valerie had a nice big camera and I'm a size queen. Seriously though I'm terrible at remember to take photos. 1. never have any pockets 2. I'm lazy :P

There is a story behind this picture, everyone as SO damn tall. So we took the first picture and I told everyone "You’re so damn tall, Screw this I'm JUMPING" Of course Scott wasn't expecting it and and he got a mouth full of hair. Look Ma I'm 6"1!

Another cosplayer (Rinoawannabe) and I. I remember she had a black
canary costume she was going to wear but needed to Safety pin, Luckily
I had one but I never got to see her in the costume. She was very
sweet, Perhaps it was our wigs that brought us together :P

This is Valerie with Supergirl and I... whoa I realize now looking at this picture is almost as tall as me and I'm wearing heels. That’s depressing! haha Anyways Beth (supergirl) and her Dad were completely awesome and she was such great help at the auction. We talked a lot throughout the weekend and promised to keep in touch. A cosplayer in the making! Someone joked I'm a Cos mom, watching out for the up and coming cosplayers so they can learn from my experience of panty lines, sweat stains and seams ripping.

There is a shot of the back of the costume, now normally I'm completely
against butt shots. But this is to show some small detailing I added.
Its Wing Slots when I'm Waspie size, it was great to have lots of
people notice and comment on it. The "Where are your wings" comment never got old... :P I'm FULL SIZE!

So here is the only photo I had on my camera (The rest of the photos I swiped from the
awesome people who posted on flickr.), this is Scott Adsit, Mark
McHaley and I enjoying some wild wings and they were playing disco. I've never seen this look on my face it must be the pure bliss of a wildwing / disco combo..

I'll post a couple more when I get photos from Valerie, it was a fantastic weekend.

A quick post about SDCC, because I been getting a lot of questions about it. I won't be at SDCC this year, but thank you to everyone who showed interest in wanting to cross paths there.

I hope everyone has a fantastic time, I'll be stalking flickr for photos! So many sure when you TAG your photo you put sdcc2009 cosplay!! Well I gotta go and finishing molding a life size statue of a choirboy... :P 1 Down 2 more choir kids to go!

I gotta post more here, but it just takes me so long to write up something, and then I realize how stupid it sounds cause I'm caught in the moment of what I'm writing. Not to mention I have been trying to really limit my internet time, especially when SDCC coming up, while I'm not going, I have to get Adam/Allison ready to go and I have a couple huge mold projects due in the next two week.


May. 12th, 2009 | 02:30 am


I thought I would put this out there, anyone know any escrow company that would handle a vehicle transaction? Basically I know Moneybooker, but I haven't read very good things about them. I'm looking for a company that will hold my money, allow me to receive the vehicle, have it inspected and if something is defective with it allow me to have it sent back and get my money back (usually within 5 days).


Trip to Winnipeg

May. 3rd, 2009 | 06:35 pm

First off thank you to everyone who took the time to come and see me while I was in Winnipeg. I know it was such short notice and many of you were busy with work, deadline, raiding, convention stuff, etc that it ment a lot to me.

Especially thank you to My parents and Kwan for putting up with me the most.
I pretty much got everything on my list checked off besides a slurpee, but it will always be there.

Let me see if I can give a quick run down, I know I’m going to forget something!

My trip w/ picturesCollapse )

I did have had a chance to watch a bunch of new anime episodes while I was gone, which have been great. Here are just short tidbits of my initially impression.

Anime impressionsCollapse )

It’s not an exciting post but I did want to document everything I did down.
On to Superhero showdown and the disaster that was free comic book day!

Big Pizza

Apr. 30th, 2009 | 11:14 am

I'm a little behind on my posts!

First off want to thank everyone for contributing to the digital frame photo that Kwan gave me for Christmas! Now I will always have a special place to have all my photos, once the new office is built its going to be the first thing I bring to put on my work desk.

I came, I saw, I did not Conquer.
I finally got to experience the 11lb pizza.
I did NOT go into the competition, but Danny decided to give it a try with his friend who was visiting from out of town. Danny was amazing! Splitting it down the middle you have to each eat 4 slices, each slice is a little over a pound.. Danny was SO close to just finishing his half. But I'm pretty sure neither him nor his friend ever want to see, smell or hear the word pizza again.

I barely got through 1 slice of my own. Its not so much that I was full, but I have the same problem danny had in which you just get bored of the flavor and chewing. I'm sure if it was a tasty Pizza Milkshake I could have eaten more then a slice.

Squinty eye! 8 of these made up 1 pizza~!

My inner child was pretty gleeful last week, I can't remember how I started looking but I became obsessed with finding these 2 movies that I loved as a child; The original little mermaid and Swan Lake.

I find they are both made by Toei, I find clips on youtube, I download the little songs that I liked and then I see if there are any torrents out there. I do find japanese subbed torrents, but part of me wants the English voices even though I remember them being terrible. Even back then I knew the prince in the little mermaid wasn't quite right cause he seemed to be wearing eye makeup, and fritz was annoying.

Of course they aren't available on DVD, so I would have to get a VHS and encode it or maybe just wait till D*C to see if someone already made a dvd of it. Toei just needs to go back and make a dvd double feature with those 2, I would buy it.

Moster vs Alien; I loved Kung fu Panda, So incredibly much. Monster vs Aliens.. wow I don't know what to say. I had no expectations, yet I was still disappointed. This movie was terrible, as a kid I wouldn't find it enjoyable, as an adult I wouldn't find it enjoyable, as ME I didn't find it enjoyable.

The most redeeming factor of the WHOLE movie was the credits.
1. Ment the movie was over.
2. B'52s

If you don't like the B52's, well you still have the #1 point. But trust me its not worth sitting through just to get that.. "OH thank goodness its over" feeling cause its quickly followed by... "DAMNNIT I could have been doing something else" or "I wasted money on this ticket!". Now I didn't get the last emotion because I had a free pass, but I still got the "I just wasted my free pass on this ARGH!"

I rarely buy toys now a days, Chris takes care of most the awesome comic stuff (Hot toys iron man finally arrived!)

But I did manage to get a great deal on Odin Sphere Gwendolyn statue. I had seen a few from the series and I think this is my favorite. The biggest complaint I have about it its pvc and not resin. While I know she is a little higher quality then most little PVC figures I just always fear the PVC 'lean'. I need to take pictures of my collection soon. For now here is a picture of the statue.

Winnipeg post coming soon!

Coming back to winnipeg

Apr. 10th, 2009 | 02:20 am

Now that I can travel freely between both countries and got a new fancy passport and all my shots, figured now is the best time to go to winnipeg.

Work is slowish and I could take the time off before things really start moving. Tickets were more then I thought they would be, but Chris and I agree that its best to see my dad before he heads back up to the north pole, as well as everyone else.

April 16th
Arrive in Winnipeg 4:06p

April 28th
Leave Winnipeg 11:00 a

Things I want/need to do
- Slurpee
- Spicy peanut soup
- Dim sum
- A&W Mama burger
- Hang out with family and friends and puppies.
- Go through all my old books and toys in the basement
- Work on website
- Work on some video games when everyones at work!
- Learn to cook some new dishes from my dad.
- Make everyone red velvet cupcakes *yum!*

Weird how food comes first :P
If anyone can think of anything they want me to bring back just say so!

Will add more later, I think I still have the meat chills from trying to eat a 11 lb pizza. I got through one slice, which is a little over a pound.